Advanced Lighting Products

Customer Feedback


"Another light that is on the verge of going to market which runs two 3 watt LED's is the StenLight. I have given it a test run and it is definitly the future. It is VERY small, and very easy on the batteries. Milled alluminum housing will take all the abuse you can throw at it. In my opinion this light is in its own class. It is far superior to any other LED on the market."

- Gordon Brace

"This past weekend, I was one of the "swivel" testers. That is the final element of making it a perfect light. No more tilting your head to look at your feet when you are walking."

- Lewis Carroll

After using the StenLight for three weeks during the J2/Cheve expedition in Oaxaca, Mexico, I can testify that this tough little light is well suited for expeditionary work in remote and difficult cave environments. It is impervious to mud and water, and easy to use with gloved hands, both to direct the beam where needed, and to change its brightness level. The StenLight's far-reaching beam is perfect for searching for high leads in domes. Its tiny size keeps it from getting caught in tight crawlways. Its ultra-light lithium battery pack lasts forever: I barely started on a second battery during a recent four-day cave camp in Hellhole, WV. All in all, a very well designed, rugged, versatile light, with the serious caver in mind!

- Yvonne Droms
USDCT (United States Deep Caving Team)
GVKS (Germany Valley Karst Survey)