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StenLight User FAQ


Does the StenLight CL84-1 Charger work from 220/230/240 volt AC power?

Yes, the charger works from 100 to 240 volts AC. All that is needed is an adapter from a US-style plug to your local style of plug.

The charger's LED is green, but when I use the battery it is not fully charged. Is this normal?

The charger's LED will be off only when it is not properly connected to an AC power source. If it is connected to a battery while not hooked to AC, the light will be green regardless of the battery's state of charge, and it will slowly discharge the battery. You should verify that the charger's light is green before connecting the battery.


How can I maximize the useful life of the StenLight Lithium Ion Battery?

Li Ion batteries are limited as much by their age than by the number of charge-discharge cycles; within 5 years they will typically have reduced capacity. The most important factors for the life of Li Ion batteries is to avoid storing them at high temperatures. Storing Li Ion batteries at 100% charge also reduces their life, especially if they are left on the charger for more than a few days or charged frequently without using them. For long-term storage we recommend keeping them in a refrigerator (or at least a cool location), and storing them only half-charged (near 7.5 volts open circuit).

Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, fully discharging and recharging Lithium Ion batteries is not helpful. Li Ion batteries can be recharged reliably and directly from any state of charge as long as they are near room temperature.

The most vulnerable part of the LG723 battery, as with most devices with built-in cables, is the spot where the cable attaches to the rest of the battery. The battery is designed to be quite durable if treated properly. Avoid bending the cable tightly backwards; if you need to bend it, bend it gently around the end of the battery and across the other side.


What sort of connectors do the StenLight products use and where can they be obtained?

We use Molex/Waldom's 0.062" Standard 2-pin connectors, which are widely available from most major electronics parts distributors (Digikey, Arrow, TTI, etc.) and AMP/Tyco has a compatible series of connectors as well.

Part numbers used are as follows:

Lamp, Charger
Connector Shell -- Molex/Waldom 03-06-2023
Pins (2 per connector) -- Molex/Waldom 02-06-2103

Battery, 6xAA Adapter
Connector Shell -- Molex/Waldom 03-06-1023
Pins (2 per connector) -- Molex/Waldom 02-06-1103

We offer enough parts for two of each connector, along with adhesive-lined heat shrink, in our "Connector Kit".

Why didn't you use gold-plated pins in your connectors?

In some applications, gold plating can reduce contact resistance and corrosion. However, with more than 7 volts of potential in a moist environment, gold plating doesn't help significantly. Using dielectric grease on the connectors is far more effective at reducing corrosion.

Is the connector waterproof?

The connectors used in the StenLight products are not waterproof. The problem with true waterproof connectors is that they tend to be very large and expensive. "Splashproof" or semi-waterproof connectors become full of water even at fairly modest depths, add bulk and weight, and are hard to clean mud out of compared to the connectors we chose.